Konoba Kraljevic

Restaurant and patisserie in Prigradica

Food and beverages offer in Konoba Kraljevic

Welcome to "Konoba Kraljevic" restaurant and patisserie in Prigradica. Stop in our restaurant just a few meters from the beach and enjoy the meal resting your eyes on the beautiful view to the sea and an unforgettable scenery of the bay of Prigradica.

Main Meals, Side Dishes and Salads

We offer traditional food like several kinds of meat and a fresh fish from the grill. Do not miss to taste our local specialty, vegetable side dishes. We also offer several kinds of classic pastas and risottos,  octopus and vegetable salads.

Sweets and Ice Cream

For the dessert, don't miss out to try fritule (typical local fritters resembling to small doughnuts), pancakes or fruit salad. Children will certainly enjoy various ice cream flavors.

Wines from our cellar and other beverages

We are pleased to offer you our homemade wine!

Konoba Kraljevic restaurant in Prigradica also offers a wide selection of local and well known Dalmatian wines and other cold and warm beverages.

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